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08 September 2010 @ 03:14 am
From Twitter 09-07-2010  

  • 04:53:04: @MerrieLINY Adam signed a poster for me and a t shirt for my friend's granddaughter...
  • 04:53:29: @angelbaby000 What vid is this?
  • 04:54:06: Here's one of my videos (ENTIRE SHOW IS NOW POSTED!) -- Adam Lambert - Rockford 9/4/10 - If I Had You http://t.co/gWN7YLk via @youtube
  • 04:55:30: Thanks Sharon for screencapping the shot of Adam hugging me! http://twitpic.com/2m003y
  • 14:06:31: Gotta love waking up with Benadryl medicine head. Spider bite feels better but I'm so groggy. Back to bed...
  • 14:11:26: @imperfect_words @allisonsgrandma Should be able to get to bank & post ofc during open hours Thurs to get stuff on way to ya!
  • 14:13:11: I feel like crap... More nap before workout and rehearsal tonight... Spiders, please refrain from biting me anymore. Kthx!
  • 16:10:30: Peaceful coexistence! My kitties are being so good today... http://twitpic.com/2m7or6
  • 16:51:27: I'm gonna try to go running now, hope i don't get blown away!
  • 18:13:58: Talk about windblown! Nothing like finishing a run into 1236427189634 mph headwinds! 3.2 easy miles, 31:58.
  • 19:21:52: Off to rehearsal tonight...
  • 19:38:18: What time is AGT on tonight in ET? Hope rehearsal is out early enough to catch it...
  • 19:52:51: Where are our singers? We were supposed to start 15 minutes ago. Always waiting for them, the band is ready...
  • 20:05:19: Now we're just listening to a recording of the new song we're learning... We got recordings 2 weeks ago, did anyone else listen to it?
  • 20:07:43: Darn it this is not a good night, my flute just got knocked over and has an expensive new dent in it...
  • 20:10:25: Oh joy, the instrument I need for the new song is locked in the gym. So now that we started I just get to sit here and pretend I'm playing.
  • 20:27:50: REHEARSAL FAIL...Been here a hour and have yet to actually get to play a note... Would be nice to do a song my instrument is here for!
  • 21:21:17: Turned on AGT now, have I missed @princepoppycock yet?
  • 21:23:22: @deeppoolsofblue I still haven't recovered from Tuesday and expecially not from Saturday... Wish there were more shows for us!
  • 21:35:51: @bluzgrrl I don't think we've missed either, I like them both, too... Voting for @princepoppycock on this end though...
  • 22:23:23: Michael Grimm did a great job tonight... Now where's my Prince?
  • 22:27:39: Can't believe noone commented on my cute kitties today :( http://twitpic.com/2m7or6
  • 22:27:54: @Nitnat20 that's bedtime for me...
  • 22:44:07: I love you @princepoppycock ! Great job!
  • 23:09:13: Reading back through my tweet feed, I'll never need to watch White Collar, I know everything that happened already...
  • 23:10:33: I'm off voting for my fave on AGT anyhow LOL... ONly have to vote 10 times on this show, not all night LOL...
  • 23:11:49: @endsintears @jessig03 It's OK, I know I'll probably do the same when Merlin comes back on :)
  • 23:14:00: @GlambertFan33 Done :)
  • 23:16:24: @SaucyAussie Is that my comment about White Collar you're referring to? That was meant as a giggle, most WC fans on my feed took it as such.
  • 23:19:30: @SaucyAussie Did I ever say I was upset about it?? Not until I just read the rest of your feed. That hurts to be talked about behind my back
  • 23:22:32: @SaucyAussie Is it appropriate to restate UR comment why should I censor my feed 2 make some1 else happy? It was a joke until U trashed me.
  • 23:28:44: Great, my night ends in drama and a friend pissed at me for taking something I said jokingly as something personal. Time for work now.

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