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04 September 2010 @ 03:13 am
From Twitter 09-03-2010  

  • 04:22:03: Tonight is going so freaking slow here at work. I just wanna hit the road and run away to Adamland for the weekend!
  • 04:24:11: So what was with everyone naming their backsides today? ROFL. Hilariousness!
  • 04:25:05: @IndyGlambert YAY! Where are your seats in Rockford? I'll be in 6th Row now, just found a ticket today!
  • 04:25:34: @LaynieDane It ws fun seeing you all and being crazy as much as seeing Adam and band on fire...
  • 04:26:05: @itsadamazing Look back through my tweets, I posted all my videos! I got like 8 songs on Tuesday, plus the candid signing stuff...
  • 04:26:47: @xsethsownstarx It's not stealing if you're my friend and I say you can :) Which ones did you take?
  • 04:27:19: @angelbaby000 Thank you so much for the pix of me with Tommy. I love you!
  • 04:28:06: @christy0907 Actually, I'm thinking about taking my other poster and seeing if he'll personalize it at the meet n greet. ROFL!
  • 04:28:18: @timesmasher Thanks.
  • 04:28:52: I think I'm catching up. If you tweeted me something and I didn't answer, I'm sorry...
  • 05:02:18: Here's one of my videos -- Adam Lambert - uoY daH I fI - Indy 8/31/10 http://t.co/Yd3bEkS via @youtube
  • 05:04:04: Thank you, Lord. All my Indy videos are up on youtube (and recently tweeted), so I can clear my card for Rockford!
  • 05:05:14: Back to work now, then home to pack and trot off to Adamland for the weekend...
  • 13:03:13: Why am I awake? I'm not gonna get to sleep most of the weekend and I only slept 3.5 hours after work? Yikes!
  • 13:11:46: @bigfatdaddy1 I would love to be #4 if you till haven't found someone. Follow me so I can DM you!
  • 13:15:14: @GlamFansUnite Want to make sure I'm on your list for Rockford tomorrow. And good news, I am now in 6th row, will tweet lots of pix if able!
  • 14:50:28: Need 2 finish packing & take John 2 his gig. Might see some classic cars while out, but think I'll come home & nap 2night instead of stay.
  • 18:00:35: Had fun downtown at First Friday. John's band plays in a bit, there's a car show, vendors, free stuff, and more! (Got my ring cleaned free!)
  • 18:01:13: I'm packed, except for my camera, which is still charging,gonna go to bed soon. So excited about meeting Adam tomorrow!!!!!!!
  • 18:03:53: Have fun! RT @TaylorG90 Oh, Our Show Tonight Is At The Bridge. Is That A New Venue? No It's A Real MotherF@ckin Bridge. Over Water. Holla.
  • 18:04:43: So Adam is playing on a freaking bridge tonight? How totally weird but awesome. How did THAT kind of gig happen??? A bridge!
  • 18:14:09: @jessig03 Not sure. Will have to check plans when I get home. Leaving for Ill tonight, trying to get my life together to MEET ADAM tomorrow!
  • 18:15:15: @bluzgrrl Yikes about the flooding. Well a bridge show should be interesting!
  • 18:16:54: @scorptwitr SQUEEE for new chapter! That gives me just enough time to absorb my FREAKING MEET AND GREET TOMORROW WITH ADAM before I read :)
  • 18:17:48: @jessig03 but I will go if I'm not obligated to anything else for sure!
  • 18:18:47: OK guys, I am going to try to get some sleep so I'm human for tomorrow's Rockford adventure!
  • 20:24:06: My dad just called and woke me up. Fail.
  • 23:41:51: I'm awake, gotta get a shower and then hitting the road!
  • 23:47:08: @glampira check your dms. option is still availalble :)
  • 23:50:08: @MelHeck78 Going to Rockford Ill, Adam Lambert concert with meet n greet passes Sat!

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