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Reoracer's World

Jen's boring life, and what John has to put up with...

Jen Savage (DeGroff)
26 February 1971

Hi, my name is Jen. I am a unique person, as I have many unusual hobbies and interests. I am in my early 40's, but still act like a teenager a lot of the time. I am a Christian. I am married to a wonderful man, John. We own a house, and our private wedding was on August 19, 2006. I have 2 cats: a big black baby named 8 Ball and a loving grey kitty named Stormy who adopted us in a thunderstorm in May 2006. Stormy had major surgery in Feb 2007 to have all her teeth removed due to a rare allergy, and 8 Ball survived a 250 mile drive with me to come home from Detroit! We also have a tiny painted turtle named Flash. My beautiful calico cat Fratzi left us on Feb 19, 2008, and is terribly missed. My main job is as a worker in several group home facilites for mentally challenged adults. I have worked with these folks for more than 14 years, and they are like family! I also have/had some seasonal "hobby jobs". My biggest and best one was as a part-time Technical Observer for the ChampCar World Series. This means I was in pit lane for several World-Class auto racing events each summer, just inches from the cars as they came flying in for service! Unfortunately that job ended in early 2008 when this series combined with another, but I am now doing similar work for the Atlantic Championship, starting in August 2009. I also am a professional circus performer and trainer. I have been performing since I was 3, and specialize in unicycle, rolla bolla, bullwhips, and am semi-retired from high wire walking. I even won a national championship unicycling in 1991! I love music of all types, ranging from classical to heavy metal, with my faves being progressive rock, melodic hard rock, loud praise and worship, classic rock, and 80's pop. Yes, I do like opera and disco... About the only thing I don't listen to much is rap. (Fave bands: Asia, Petra, The Elms, Relient K, REO Speedwagon, Buggles, Journey, Styx, Supertramp, Yes, Newsboys, Delirious, and more). John and I have a lot of music in our relationship. He is a professional bass guitar player and was an original member of the band Petra, and I play flute, piccolo, and auxillary percussion in the Peru Circus City Festival Band and also my church music group "On A Wing And A Prayer". On top of all that, I am a marathon runner for charity! I am a 6-time Alumnus of Team In Training, helping raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and have also done some cycling for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and support breast cancer research in memory of my friend Taffy. I have finished 42 marathons (26.2 miles), best time Chicago 2002 4:21:40, 16 ULTRA MARATHONs, best 50k 6:11:41 (Sept. 12 2009!) and longest, 50.1 miles in 11:59:40. I've also done 7 triathlons, 4 outdoor sprint and 3 indoor. I also have some normal hobbies: pen palling and swapping (I LOVE slams!), reading (faves are The Bible, Tolkien, Auel, LaHaye and Jenkins, and stories of peoples of oppression, especially of the Holocaust, and good fanfiction), and just going out and doing things. I collect everything with cats on it (especially calicos), my favorite bands, Hello Kitty stuff, glitter gelpens, and dust... My current addiction is all American Idol related: 2008 American Idol David Cook and AI finalist Michael Johns, 2009 Idol competitors Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, 2011 Idol finalists James Durbin, Paul McDonald, Casey Abrams, and Stefano Langone (I've met everyone listed above!), plus past Idol competitors Nathaniel Marshall, and Michael Castro (Met MCas too!) Whew, I think that is enough information right now! I basically try to keep myself busy to keep myself out of trouble....

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