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12 September 2010 @ 03:13 am
From Twitter 09-11-2010  

  • 04:42:07: Heading out for my 50k this morning, looks like we're gonna get wet.... Pray there's no thunder or lighting, the race director is wary...
  • 13:42:51: Just got home from my ultramarathon 2day. Did 50k in 6:32, about 28 minutes better than I estimated for the day! Light rain, overcast, nice!
  • 14:42:30: Ultramarathon recovery of the cuddly kind... http://twitpic.com/2ngqpb
  • 15:06:29: @RCAPromo Heck no, if @AdamLambert was there, then I'd pay attention...
  • 15:09:47: I'm surprised I'm not too horribly stiff or sore yet from my good road 50k today... Probably will be tonorrow...
  • 15:16:58: @Greek_CocoaPuff ROFL have fun...
  • 16:24:46: My hubby just made a Pap Johns run! Spinach and alfredo pizza, plus a pepperoni and green pepper one and some breadsticks. Awesome...
  • 23:32:36: Woke up stiff and sore and surrounded by kitties. What a good race I had today, and good sleep afterwards...
  • 23:34:36: @jessig03 Oh geez.... Praying for you guys, sis.
  • 23:35:51: Quotes I never expected to hear in my household: "Get your foot off my keyboard. Get your FACE off my keyboard!" 8Ball is being a challenge!
  • 23:37:43: So I'm recovering from today's 50k, and am currently looking at an indoor double marathon the weekend of my 40th birthday in Feb. I'm nuts!
  • 23:40:09: @goheadband You're gonna do better doing what U need 2 do. Have a good run. I'm recovering from 2day's 50k by looking at races 4 next year!
  • 23:42:10: @goheadband Just found an indoor double marathon 20 minutes from my house the weekend of my 40th bday in Feb. No logistics, I HAVE to do it!
  • 23:43:24: @goheadband I train alone, no group options here, so when I run races I enjoy the luxury of being with others. Ran 22 mi with one gal today!
  • 23:44:07: @goheadband I can sleep in my own bed and no travel. How can I pass that up, even if it's 204 laps in a gym each day?
  • 23:47:29: @goheadband ROFL I have 3 more marathons & another ultra between now and then, who acts like they are 40? Tho I feel like I am 80 right now!
  • 23:48:50: @goheadband Wanna come down and run one or both days with me? Only $50/day or $75/both, indoors, don't have to bundle up or carry stuff!
  • 23:52:12: @Nitnat20 Huh, whut? David televised? When, where? I'm so out of the loop, not been online as much as normal... (I need a Dave fix... bad!)
  • 23:55:06: @Nitnat20 PS You're near Dayton, right? I'm looking at the marathon in Xenia in the spring again. Maybe we can meet up for eats or something
  • 23:57:23: So sore tonight, this is my hardest race recovery each year, the longest race I do on asphalt. Finished 28 minutes faster than expected tho!

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